Veterans Day

To all who served, and are currently serving, this great Nation…Cheers!

Veterans Day Picture


PIcture of World Trade Tower Falling

Winter Sunrise

I think this storm, which has lasted three days, may be coming to an end.




I hope everyone had a very nice Christmas!

Thanksgiving Day

Have a fun & safe Thanksgiving Day!

Veteran’s Day

Please take a moment to thank our veterans, and those who are currently serving, on this Veteran’s Day.

Happy Halloween

Carving by Matt

Carving by Matt


Please take a moment to remember…


What is this?

I thought I had planted some cucumbers seeds but, after 2-1/2 months of growing and waiting, this is what I got:

Picture of a cucumber, I think

Potato or Tomato

I don’t know if this is normal or not, but I found tomato-like fruit hanging off of one of the potato plants.
Picture of Potato-Tomato