What is this?

I thought I had planted some cucumbers seeds but, after 2-1/2 months of growing and waiting, this is what I got:

Picture of a cucumber, I think

Potato or Tomato

I don’t know if this is normal or not, but I found tomato-like fruit hanging off of one of the potato plants.
Picture of Potato-Tomato


On Sunday Lily found a snapping turtle lounging in the field. Once I got out there to take a picture, Lily felt a little braver and ended up sticking her snout into the turtle’s face. Yep! Lily was bitten by the turtle on her snout with no serious damage to Lily.


Blossoms and Fish

The blue gills are abundant, and the gold fish, at least 8 of the 3 dozen that I put in the pond, are doing well. One of the two peach trees is in full bloom, too. Maybe some peaches this summer?

More Pond

Looks like the pond has doubled in size from the rain overnight. Hope the fish stay.



Storms and heavy rain around here, makes for a moat and some flooding. Pictures to come.


Took this picture at 9:44 this morning. The forecast calls for snow with a high of 27 degrees F.

20 Degrees F


Finally, and just in time, repaired the damage to our roof caused by the winds from Hurricane Sandy in November.


The new year started with snow on the ground. HAPPY NEW YEAR!


Merry Christmas to everyone, and to everyone a good day and/or night!