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Storms and heavy rain around here, makes for a moat and some flooding. Pictures to come.

Snapping Turtle

Daisy challenges a snapping turtle to a stare down.

I dug a ditch

My first drainage ditch

Snow Melt…Continued

The snow has melted

Snow Melt

The snow, she’s a meltin’!

February 14, 2011

Stake with snow melt water rising

August 30, 2010

Summer before Picture

Dry Ditch with Perspective

Some pictures of the cleared ditch, this time with some sense of scale. BTW, Debbie took these pics, and I think they’re great!

[slideshow id=1]

Dry Ditch Cleared (Mostly)

It took me a few days, but I did get the front 800 feet, or so, cleared.

Picture of Cleared Ditch

Such a Purty view!

Dry Ditch

It would be nice if the ditch would stay dry, like this, most of the time. Now, I have to start clearing the ditch to aid drainage. Hand me my pick and shovel!