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Wind Power

Who needs electric? We now have wind power for the well!

Wind Mill

Well done! Electric not…

The well is fully installed including the water softener/treatment. This is all ‘well’ and good, if we only had electric. AEP called yesterday to tell us that they screwed up and have pushed back our service install to Monday or Tuesday. Crap!


Got a deck started by the rear door. It’s gonna to be so very cool!


Got Confirmation of electric by end of month…Well head installed, but not connected to the house…Septic system installed and inspected…Piles of Crushed concrete, delivered and ready for drive. We are getting so freakin’ close! Pictures coming soon to a book near you!

Meter Movement

Look very closely at the pictures below, you may just see the meter socket move from one side of the house to the other. Btw, I called the electrical inspector, yesterday, and he told me that he would look at the new installation some time that evening.

Here’s hoping that it passed!


Gettin’ a tower to hold an antenna & some wireless