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Christmas is Near

Took this picture from my southeast facing window, across my deck decorated with Christmas lights, of the sunrise just before it broke the horizon. I think it looks pretty cool.

Picture of sunriise

Winter Sunrise

I think this storm, which has lasted three days, may be coming to an end.




The new year started with snow on the ground. HAPPY NEW YEAR!


Merry Christmas to everyone, and to everyone a good day and/or night!

1st winter with house

Not only are we moved in and enjoying the mud and such, but winter has finally arrived, here at Wekandu Acres!

First Christmas

This is our first Christmas here, and, besides having too many people in a small house, it’s been a wonderful experience.


Snow Melt…Continued

The snow has melted

January at Wekandu

The new pictures are, finally, here!

Winter in December looks so fine.

[slideshow id=3]

I’ll have some more pictures, soon!

I just have to do all of the geek stuff to them, then they’ll be ready to upload and post.