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Storms and heavy rain around here, makes for a moat and some flooding. Pictures to come.

Snow Melt

The snow, she’s a meltin’!

February 14, 2011

Stake with snow melt water rising

August 30, 2010

Summer before Picture

Not so Swampy in the swamp

Thanks to a dry fall, and a not too wet late summer, the swamp is almost dry. There’s no standing water, but the ground is still a little spongy.

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Where’s the swamp?

The swamp is drying…What am I supposed to do?

Our trail and swamp

I cut a trail along the south side of the swamp. The two pictures below show part of the trail and a view of the swamp from the southwest corner of the property.

The South Trail

The south trail along the swamp

Swamp view from southwest corner

Swamp View SW Corner