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New Year

We are looking forward to our first year in our new home.

Jeff of Sherlock Homes made the final walk through and will be scheduling the fix-it team for some time in March.

There’s some grass shoots peeking up through the mud, thanks to an unusually warm winter, so far.

We will be making our first mortgage payment in February, which, unfortunately, includes an escrow account that doesn’t earn interest. We’ll be trying to pay off the amount of principal that will bring us to 80% liability by the end of the year, I hope.

Happy New Year!

First Christmas

This is our first Christmas here, and, besides having too many people in a small house, it’s been a wonderful experience.


It’s Final!

Well Passed (after 3 inspections)! The building inspector came by, and handed me a certificate of occupancy; wished me a Merry Christmas, and left. I think this may well be the last hoop.

We still have to have the walk-through-inspection from the builder to go over what needs to be fixed. And, there is the final draws on the construction loan, but turn-over to a regular mortgage is very near.


Final Appraisal & Inspection

The bank has order the final inspection and appraisal, which will take place today. ‘Bout time! We also had the well chlorinated and tested for the third time. Hopefully, this time it will pass. Keep your fingers crossed.


We are totally gone and in! Thanks to Chuck, Mary, Steve, Brian, Aaron, Cheri, Tom and all of the others. Thanks!



Well done! Electric not…

The well is fully installed including the water softener/treatment. This is all ‘well’ and good, if we only had electric. AEP called yesterday to tell us that they screwed up and have pushed back our service install to Monday or Tuesday. Crap!


Got a deck started by the rear door. It’s gonna to be so very cool!


Got Confirmation of electric by end of month…Well head installed, but not connected to the house…Septic system installed and inspected…Piles of Crushed concrete, delivered and ready for drive. We are getting so freakin’ close! Pictures coming soon to a book near you!

Meter Movement

Look very closely at the pictures below, you may just see the meter socket move from one side of the house to the other. Btw, I called the electrical inspector, yesterday, and he told me that he would look at the new installation some time that evening.

Here’s hoping that it passed!