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More Apple Trees with Pictures

I believe I have all of the apple trees planted. So far I have 8 Jonathan, 4 Red Delicious, and 10 Rome. Ray gave me four multi-fruit trees, which I’ll plant later this week.

Jonathan Apple Trees

Jonathan Apple Trees

Red Delicious & Jonathan Apple Trees

Red Delicious & Jonathan Apple Trees

Rome Apple trees

5 More Rome Apple Trees

Rome Apple Trees

5 Rome Apple trees

Apple Trees

Planted 19 apple trees. Four Red Delicious, 8 Jonathan, and 7 Red Rome. Pictures to follow, although there will be not much to see as the trees are very small.

Our trail and swamp

I cut a trail along the south side of the swamp. The two pictures below show part of the trail and a view of the swamp from the southwest corner of the property.

The South Trail

The south trail along the swamp

Swamp view from southwest corner

Swamp View SW Corner

Date for Septic Appeal

Ken Priest called today to tell us that our appeal will take place on June 24, 2010 @ 3:00PM. FINALLY!!!