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Dry Ditch with Perspective

Some pictures of the cleared ditch, this time with some sense of scale. BTW, Debbie took these pics, and I think they’re great!

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Dry Ditch Cleared (Mostly)

It took me a few days, but I did get the front 800 feet, or so, cleared.

Picture of Cleared Ditch

Such a Purty view!


Well, I was hoping I would be able to say that we will have municipal water available via the extension of the water main to our property…I went to the township meeting, and, after two hours of sitting through all of the township business, my request for municipal water came up for discussion. It look good for a few minutes until the discussion took up the possibility that the road may be damaged and some questions about easement. The bottom line; my proposal was tabled until more research could be done. Not dead, but delayed. Oh well.


We’ve got an Address!

Dry Ditch

It would be nice if the ditch would stay dry, like this, most of the time. Now, I have to start clearing the ditch to aid drainage. Hand me my pick and shovel!